Mission Statement

Blue Magic Media is a conglomerate of creatives whose main mission is to change the world for the better through literature, media, music, and other artistic endeavors. We are professional filmmakers, producers, writers, and others who work in the industry but also have an understanding that the material world is not what matters most. Love, compassion, positivity, kindness, and sharing stories of the human condition are all facets of what Blue Magic Media strives to use to connect and sway the hearts of the public towards mutual understanding and respect. Join us in making the world a better place through art.

Meet Raj

Founder of Blue Magic Media

Raj Patel has been engaged in the arts for over twenty years in various capacities as a writer, actor, songwriter, filmmaker, and producer. His shorts films and screenplays have received awards over the course of the last few years specifically winning multiple Remi awards at Worldfest Houston. He released an album titled “My Foolish Heart” in recent years under his stage name Jeev. His music has resonated with people all over the world. He has also been writing poetry for some time now of which manifested in the launch of his book of poetry titled “Musings Before Midnight”. For the last twenty years, Raj has also been engaged in actively owning and operating three hotels and a restaurant in the Pacific Northwest and does so to present day. His activity in the hospitality industry also included owning and operating a nightclub in Old Town (the heart of the entertainment district in downtown Portland). His life changed when he chose his path and entered the conscious realm. Through the intense consumption, absorption, and digestion of knowledge and truth, layer after layer of his being were peeled away from his essence, being, and mind to provide ever growing clarity about the world, it’s history, humanity, and the individual and his or her place in our collective society. His passion lies in integrating aspects of consciousness into modern day mediums of art.